Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"I AM" Statements

   On December 17th 2010, I was having a very hard time falling asleep... i had a lot going on in my mind and it wouldn't turn off.. we all know how that goes! I knew that something was coming and the Lord was preparing me for it.  I had been asking the Lord to help me be more Obedient and to rely on him more, so i knew that my answer was coming soon and i could feel it! at around 1:30am i finally got out of bed and went to my desk and started reading the scriptures... I'm sure you are all thinking that i am going to say something profound, but I'm not.  i read for awhile and than felt like i just needed to write my feelings down.  i started by writing what i was thinking about, which at the time was transfers... the dreaded transfers! eventually my fear turned to me writing my testimony! I wrote how much I Love this gospel, my companion (sister Fulton) and how grateful I am for this Gospel and all that it does for me.  I  wrote about how grateful i was for my family and the support and love that they give to me! and last but not least how I was grateful for the Scriptures!
   I'll get back to my story but I have to give a brief history on something from my life that I've learned.  For about 5-6 years now I have been doing the photography for a convention called SendOutCards. the owner Cody Bateman based his company off of following promptings and creating what he call's "I AM" statements, so most of my goals are in the form of I AM statements.

 So as the minutes kept passing I started my list of "I AM" statements. I wanted to share them with the World of Blogging!
I AM: Obeying with exactness.
I AM: Giving all my might, mind and strength to this work!
I AM: A leader
I AM: Healthy
I AM: Beautiful
I AM: A disciple of Jesus Christ
I AM: A successful Missionary.
I AM: Precious to my heavenly Father.
   I know that as I remember these things that i will become them, and believe them full hardedly! I love creating I AM statements! they help to keep me thinking positive! and stay strong in my faith.  So here comest he challenge! I would like everyone that reads this blog to create new "I AM" statements for the new year.  Let it be your theme for this next year.  Become what you want!
 I LOVE YOU ALL! May the Lord bless you in all the things that you do!

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