Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"I AM" Statements

   On December 17th 2010, I was having a very hard time falling asleep... i had a lot going on in my mind and it wouldn't turn off.. we all know how that goes! I knew that something was coming and the Lord was preparing me for it.  I had been asking the Lord to help me be more Obedient and to rely on him more, so i knew that my answer was coming soon and i could feel it! at around 1:30am i finally got out of bed and went to my desk and started reading the scriptures... I'm sure you are all thinking that i am going to say something profound, but I'm not.  i read for awhile and than felt like i just needed to write my feelings down.  i started by writing what i was thinking about, which at the time was transfers... the dreaded transfers! eventually my fear turned to me writing my testimony! I wrote how much I Love this gospel, my companion (sister Fulton) and how grateful I am for this Gospel and all that it does for me.  I  wrote about how grateful i was for my family and the support and love that they give to me! and last but not least how I was grateful for the Scriptures!
   I'll get back to my story but I have to give a brief history on something from my life that I've learned.  For about 5-6 years now I have been doing the photography for a convention called SendOutCards. the owner Cody Bateman based his company off of following promptings and creating what he call's "I AM" statements, so most of my goals are in the form of I AM statements.

 So as the minutes kept passing I started my list of "I AM" statements. I wanted to share them with the World of Blogging!
I AM: Obeying with exactness.
I AM: Giving all my might, mind and strength to this work!
I AM: A leader
I AM: Healthy
I AM: Beautiful
I AM: A disciple of Jesus Christ
I AM: A successful Missionary.
I AM: Precious to my heavenly Father.
   I know that as I remember these things that i will become them, and believe them full hardedly! I love creating I AM statements! they help to keep me thinking positive! and stay strong in my faith.  So here comest he challenge! I would like everyone that reads this blog to create new "I AM" statements for the new year.  Let it be your theme for this next year.  Become what you want!
 I LOVE YOU ALL! May the Lord bless you in all the things that you do!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Becky Kelley - Where's the Line to See Jesus - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

This song is so perfect for the season!
I've been learning so much about my Savior lately. Today for District council i was asked to talk about the savior's earthly ministry and Atonement. I loved preparing for it. i love reading about my Savior and what he has done for me! he truly is just amazing in all aspects. I hope that you all will enjoy this song. It mean's alot to me. it is CHRISTmas time. the time we celebrate our savior's birth.
I feel so blessed to have my heavenly father answer my prayers, this last transfer or 6 week period, I have been struggling with following the spirit and teaching by the spirit, so in one of my prayers i asked him to help me be more obedient and rely on him more, so this transfer I "whitewashed" into a new ward, its where they take the 2 missionaries serving in one ward and take them both out and put 2 new missionaries in the area! its very hard to do. So the Lord answered my prayers! and I am grateful for it! I'm super excited to be serving in the Rincon Valley ward here in Santa Rosa! I love this time of year and for all that it brings people to do!

Friday, December 17, 2010

What are you willing to pay?

     What are you willing to pay to be closer to God? that has been sister Fulton and I theme for the day.  yesterday as we were planning for the next day (today) and we pulled out a book on the heritage of the early saints of this church.  I was reading about there trials, the triumph's, and there victories! they were so courageous.  In the Book Our Heritage in the 6th chapter it talks about a man who crossed in the Martin Handcart Company and he was over hearing 2 people talk about the leaders of the church and criticizing them for making them come when they did.  the man listened till he could bear no more, he turned the the 2 men and spoke with such great emotion saying:
   "I was in that company and my wife was in it... we suffered beyond anything you can imagine and many died of exposure and starvation, but did you ever hear a survivor of that company utter a word of criticism?... We came through with the absolute knowledge that God lives for we became acquainted with him in our extremities.  "
  " I have pulled my handcart when i was so weak and weary from illness and lack of food that i could hardly put one foot ahead of the other.  i have looked ahead and seen a patch of sand or a hill slope and i have said, i can go only that far and there i must give up, for i cannot pull the load through it... I have gone on to that sand and when i reached it, the cart began pushing me... i knew that the angels of God were there. was I Sorry that i chose to come by handcart? NO. neither then nor any minute of my life since.  The price we paid to become acquainted  with God was a privilege to pay, and i am thankful that i was privileged to come in the Martin Handcart Company."

Brother's and Sister's, what are we willing to pay to become acquainted with God? are we truly giving of ourselves? are we helping the people we need? are we following the promptings of the Spirit?
  I am so thankful for the pioneer's who came across the plains so that we would be able to worship our God freely! I love this gospel with all my heart! I am trying to do everything i can to become more acquainted with my God. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi, I'm Stan, I create high-thrill amusement rides. I enjoy time with my...

I love Stan, he is so amazing! He is an example of what Jesus Christ teaches us in the scriptures, "repent ye" he hit a rocky path in his journey and fell off his horse, what he did is was amazing! he got up, dusted off his knee's and got right back on that horse! we should all do the same thing. We can all fall off sometimes but that is why we have Jesus Christ, for the act that he performed! from taking upon himself all of our sins, to prepare the way for us to be spiritually healed! I'm so proud of Stan and think that we can all learn from him.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


    Last week we had our sisters conference, It was just amazing to be around all of the sister's in the California Santa Rosa mission.  there was about 40 of us there and I have never felt that much love and of a connection to any group of girls than I did them.  There is a link between all sisters and as the scriptures tell us we are all sons and daughters of God which makes us all brothers and sisters.  we are bound together because of our choice to serve a mission. Sister's are not required to serve mission's but can do so if they choose, our mission is full of Elders so sisters are few and far between. 
  at our conference we were asked to share an experience or a trial that we had on our missions and a scripture that helped us get through it.  the "theme" i guess you could call was inadequacy or weakness, we shared our experiences and the scripture, for every girl that got up and every experience they felt, I have felt, every scripture they shared was what i needed to hear.  I felt like every sister was talking to me.  I'm pretty sure that every sister in that room felt the same way.  some of the sisters shared scriptures from the Book of Mormon, Alma 7:11-13, Alma 40:11-12, the Bible: Matthew 11:28-30, Romans 8:15-18.
   In my family I am the only girl out of 5 kids.  for growing up in a family of mostly boys I am pretty girly and I have my mom and dad to thank for that.  my dad never let me mow the lawn because its a boys job, or pull weed's.  but i was taught how to clean the house and cook food.  It is something that I enjoy doing now (not so much the cleaning part, but having everything clean).
   I am so grateful for this gospel and for all that it teaches me to do. I am so grateful for all the sisters that i serve around, they all teach me so much, I am grateful for all of my past companions and future ones.  i have learned so much from each of them.  I love my savior and my Heavenly Father and all that they teach me.  I'm so glad that i was prompted to serve a mission and that i was called to serve in the CASRM.  I'm grateful for parents who helped instill my womanly nature.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

why I'm a missionary!

Why I'm a Missionary

My Journey to being an online missionary started way back on May 4th 2009 when I went with my best friend Dianna to have breakfast at IHOP at about 11 O'clock at night.  I asked her all about her mission that night, I don't know why but i was very curious about her life as a missionary, so my questions began and didn't end till about 1:30 in the morning.  I had felt the spirit prompt me to prepare for a mission, when I got home I woke up my mom to tell her what the spirit had told me.  She perked right up and we talked for about another hour in my room about what all this meant.  I had later talked to my bishop and had gotten discouraged, he didn't seem as excited as i was at the time.  So i put it on the back burner.  I found out 3 weeks later that my dad had take a job offer in Salt Lake City Utah and was planning to move up there with the rest of the family.  i prayed to see if I needed to go, the spirit confirmed to me that I needed to go, so reluctantly i moved with them to Holladay Utah.  I quickly made some new friends and came to find out that most of them had served missions, big slap in the face right there! I need to serve a mission... and i wasnt getting out of it. 
  In August of 2009 I set up an appointment with my newly called bishop and we began the process together. I finally got my paper's in the week after Halloween and received my call about 2 weeks later, my call said that i would be serving in the California Santa Rosa Mission, I  was so excited to serve in California! i was born in southern California and felt that it was were I was needed.
   I got to my mission field on March 2nd 2010 and instantly connected with President Bunker and Sister Bunker, I told them that Las Vegas is where my heart is! and quickly became a favorite, after being out for 2 transfers I got the call that i would be training a new missionary right out of the MTC (missionary training center) and i was SCARED! I was still a new missionary myself but President Bunker knew that  I would need challenges here, so i trained Sister Nestman, who is an online missionary too, after I was transferred to Fortuna California (way north) I was invited to a leadership meeting, I was super excited because I've been to them before and they were amazing! Than......they dropped the bomb (great bomb to be dropped if there was ever going to be one) that there would be 18 missionaries from our mission that were being called to be Online Missionaries, we talked about it than President Bunker announced the names of those missionaries... I was one of them. At first i felt like I was breaking rules, but it got easier, I felt inadequate to be doing this, but i kept on.  i now love being an online missionary and look forward to talking to people everyday online about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So now I've been blogging and talking to people on facebook for a few months.  I LOVE doing this.   I communicate with my investigators, less actives and recent converts! its such an amazing tool to use.
    I was recently transferred to Santa Rosa-Peterson Lane ward and absolutely love it! the members here are so strong and willing to help us in anything that we do.  They support us and do all they can to help us.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this online missionary work! I know that through my efforts and the efforts of all 200 online missionaries that we are taking the gospel to places it's never been heard! and to people that need this gospel! I love being a missionary! i will be a missionary for the rest of my life.  Every member a missionary.