Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Mom!

   Today i felt inspired to talk about my best friend, my mom.  (no I'm not home sick.) ever since i was a little girl my mom has always been there for me.  All the countless times i came home crying because someone hurt my feelings, she would do something special with me.  She has the BEST testimony ever! i know that if i ever had questions about the gospel, she would be the one to ask.  She is so valiant in her testimony.
   Some of our favorite times together where when my dad and little brothers would go on the trips and leave us at home.  We would go to sushi, go see a movie, stay up late talking.  she has always been a good listener.  With any problem i ever had, she was there.  When i need a shoulder to cry on, she was there.  When i just needed someone to talk to, she was there.  She never EVER judged me, or anyone for that matter. 
   She has always counseled me to do what is right, for example: I didn't want to serve a mission at the time, but felt the prompting too, and so did my mom. She told everyone that she thinks i should serve a mission and than i started getting phone calls from people says that there vote is "YES" for me serving a mission. The commandments tell us to obey our father and mother.  So finally I set up my appointment with my bishop and got going on the paper work.  and 9 month's later here i am writing about my best friend. 
    I feel so blessed to have the mother that i do.  she does so much for me and I'm not sure that i ever told her thank you for everything she does, so THANK YOU mom! you mean the world to me! I am so grateful to have you as my mother, and my best friend.  Not many girls can say that there mom's are there best friends but I am privilege to say that you are BOTH my mom and best friend. 


  1. this is the cutest thing ever! your mom is sooooo awesome! i love her like a mom myself. if you read this hi Gayle, and Brook (Bestie) i love love love you!!!! and hope youre doing well

  2. Thank you so much that means the world to hear you say that. i wish i could express how much i love and admire you. You have always expressed your love for me and I can't tell what that means to me. I believe we have always been and will always be best friend. return with honor BC ookie.

  3. Aww Cookie! you and your mommy are so cute together! Love you! Miss you!

  4. Aww you guys are making me wanna cry!
    I totally agree with Brook, you are amazing Gayle, you have been a mom to me for a few years now and you are wonderful. You have accepted me with open arms and I truly am blessed to have such an awesome mother in law.
    I Love you both so much and cant wait till we are all together again!!!