Sunday, February 27, 2011

hey, where's the phone?

     Yesterday we did an exchange with Hermana Martinez and Hermana Rupp, I had the  privilege to go with Hermana Rupp for 24 hours, every time I've been with her, we always have an adventure, the first time Sister Beefelt and I along with Hermana Rupp got locked out of our apartment for about 3 hours...stranded with 2 cell phones and that was it! so we made good use of our time and played with the little kids in our apartment complex until our landlord came to our rescue with a key! I knew from that experience that we were going to have fun together.  So as we went about our day, I had the phone while she was driving because that's the passengers job!  Before long it was lunch time and we were hungry! So as we got to Subway she asked where the phone was, as I reached into my was empty.... "OH NO!" I shouted.

This is how we found our lost phone!

Step 1: PRAY!

step 2: take action and SEARCH!

step 2: and search some more!

step 3: listen to where the spirit directs you to look

step 4: be grateful that you found it! and thank Heavenly Father!
    I'm so grateful for the Spirit and being in tune enough to listen to where it directs us to look! We were so happy to find the phone and we know that the Spirit directed us to where it was.  I've found that if we can't find something or have questions about anything, the Holy Ghost will direct us when we ask him for the help to find it. It leads us to take action.  To search the scriptures (or the car in this case.)





  1. That is awesome! I love this...prayer is powerful and Heavenly Father does answer prayers through the promptings of the Holy Ghost!

  2. I love the tender mercies in our lives! It is such a testimony for me to know God is there as He helps us with the little things! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad we found the phone. I know that prayers are always answered too as long as we listen.

    ~Sister Rupp

  4. Yay! I'm so glad we found the phone. I know that prayers are answered, as long as we listen.

    ~Sister Rupp

  5. It is so true! Prayer will change anything for the better! Keep the faith and listen to the Lord!

  6. This reminds me of my lost car keys in Nevada. I was home all day with a bunch of wonderful kids that I watched as a daycare. When they all left my keys were nowhere to be found. I had some kind of meeting and had prepared earlier in the day to be ready for it keys included! I searched and searched to no prevail. Toy boxes, bedrooms, couch cushions, back packs, purse, coat pockets! Nope no keys in the house!! So I said a prayer.. The answer came go check below the pear tree.. I said.."the What?" The Pear tree it said again.. Guess what! There they were under the Pear tree! Yes I said another one in thanks and gratitude!
    The lord is always there for you.. We just need to ask.

    Sister Brenda McFarland