Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ChOoSe ThE rIgHt, Say what??

    On my 20th birthday, my Best Friend Dianna came to my work and had a present for me, I was super excited like I am anytime I get a present! she pulled out of her pocket a little baggie that had a ring in it, it was a CTR ring! I've wanted one for a long time!! CTR stands for Choose The Right. 

what my CTR ring looks like.
 How do we choose the right? what does it mean to Choose The Right?   We choose the right by doing the right thing, if we see someone drop there book bag, help them pick it up.  If someone is getting picked on, stand up for them.  Choosing the right means having good works , Charity ,and virtue (what you choose to think and do when you are alone and you believe no one is watching is a strong measure of your virtue) Preach My Gospel pg. 118.  I feel so much better when I know that I've chosen to do the right thing. I know that everyone who follow's this simple phrase CHOOSE THE RIGHT will feel so much better about themselves and the people around them, I know that they will draw closer to there Heavenly Father, and have an increase desire to continue choosing the right.

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  1. I LOVE YOU BESTIE!!!!! Keep up the good work. stay strong til the end! :)