Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawaiian shirts, lei's and a memorial

  On Saturday February 5th  Sister Beefelt and I walked into the church and all we saw was Hawaiian shirts and lei's on everyone that was in there! you might be wondering why we were at the church and why everyone was  wearing Hawaiian attire...It was the request of our dear friend Kent Hauge, Who passed away January 23rd 2011. he is a great man! so lovable, even though we only got to know him for about a month he left such an impression on our hearts. 

Kent Hauge and his 2 girls from their childhood

  All the people that spoke that day, smiled and laughed at all the amazing things that he did in his life.  It was so touching to see so many people who were there for his Memorial, he truly was loved by all people that he came into contact with!
  We had some amazing speakers too! Brother Lance Ensign talked about the Plan of Salvation and how this was not the end for him.  In fact it was the beginning of a new life.  He was in the Spirit World, resting from all his cares.  He lived an honorable life.  We also had Sister Kathy Cook who spoke about families and how they can be together forever.  She talked about temples and how sacred they are.  She had a great relationship with Brother & Sister Hauge, and how she would just talk Brother Hauge's ear off about nothing and he was listen and talk with her. 
  What a great experience this was for me to see.  Even though I'm only 22 I've been to a lot of funerals for people that i have know, never have i seen so many people laughing and rejoicing about one man's life and how he affected them.  The feelings of togetherness and families was present the whole time!
   When it is time for me to pass from this life and begin the next i want my funeral to be exactly like Brother Kent Hauge's!
He was an inspiration to ALL who came into contact with him!


  1. Smiles, laughter, love, peace, and happiness radiates the true meaning of ALOHA! Like the fruits of the Spirit of God, it is the same:) Thank you for a great post.

  2. Brother Hauge will be missed! He is such an amazing person! His love will forever be felt by all those who have known him, thankyou for the post!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. My Dad is a great Man and Dad. I'm so proud of him and that day I know he was smiling and touched by everyone's spirits. I'm happy that I have him as an example and will always remember the things the taught me. I love you Daddy. Thanks again Sister Kenemore.