Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This picture brings such a smile to my heart!! If you couldn't tell by the picture, today i wanted to write about prayer, and how powerful it is.  today, 2nd day in my new area, went to the cutest ladies house to talk with her, her name is Michele and she has had a lot of challenges in her life.  She was in a car accident when she was 3 and was thrown out the window of the car and was in a coma for 4 1/2 months... the doctor's told her mom that she wouldn't survive, but she did, she obviously has some side effects from it, she has a great memory, she is a little slower than most people and her speech isn't all that great, but she is truly AMAZING!
  As we talked with her we asked her how the Lord has blessed her in her life,  the first thing she said is that she is alive! that's so true, we should all be grateful to be alive! to live and have more opportunities to follow Jesus Christ, and more opportunities to live the commandments and receive blessings. 
  When she was praying she TALKED to God, not at him, or as if he is a million miles away, but to him as if he was in the room! it was such a beautiful prayer! at the end of her prayer she said: " thank you very  much, i love you and I cant wait to meet you."
  It's truly amazing how much she loves God, and was made evident to me that i need to do better in my prayers and to think of God as being in the room with me, to talk with him and converse with him as if we are face to face!
  if you have the chance go to and find the bible dictionary and look up PRAYER.  the definition is amazing!!

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  1. Sometimes we can learn the most beautiful lessons by simply listening to someone pray. I believe you were taught by the spirit as you listened to this wonderful daughter of God communicate with her Father. Prayer is such a heartfelt moment, it is hard not to feel the power of it. The definition is truly amazing!